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Photographing your engagement ring: the definitive guide



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How to get the perfect photo of your engagement ring from home

After you’ve said ‘I do’, after the champagne has been popped and you’ve phoned mum and dad, most new fiancées are keen to share the big news. And what’s the most important part of an engagement announcement? A show-stopping, jaw-dropping photograph of your ring. 

But getting that perfect glittering, luminous, and flattering shot of your engagement ring can be trickier than you think. So how do you avoid dull lighting and awkward poses?

You can either splash out on a professional photographer, or you can follow our definitive guide for taking a flawless self-portrait of your diamond ring. We’ve been in the wedding ring selfie game for years, and have rounded up our top five tips for getting an immaculate shot.

Lighting is everything

A diamond can’t sparkle if it’s not in the light. The golden rule of photographing your ring is to always have your ring facing towards your dominant light source, or else your gemstones will be lost in shadow.

Natural light always brings out the best in fine metals and gemstones, so set up your shot close to a window or go off into the great outdoors! The brighter your environment, the brighter your diamond will shine. 

Pro-tip: the most common rookie mistake we see is getting what’s known as a ‘table flash’ on your centre diamond. You might not notice it at first, but this type of reflection on a gemstone’s table (aka the flat top of a cut diamond) drastically decreases the visibility of your gemstone’s internal scintillation and fire. Fix this by tilting your hand slightly away from the light source, so that the camera picks up all the light refracting within the gemstone, rather than light simply reflecting off the top.

Give your hands some pampering

Close-up photographs let you take in all the detail of a ring’s design, but they’ll also put your hands and nails centre stage!

Skip worrying about dry skin or hang nails and treat yourself to a mini-manicure beforehand. It’ll let your ring be the focus and give you the confidence to strike a bold pose. 

No time for a stop at the salon? Simply moisturise your hands with lotion and give your nails a quick scrub and you’ll be camera-ready in no time flat.

Consider your background

The focus may be on your ring, but every element of the photo matters. Picking a background that’ll give the engagement ring some contrast will go a long way in bringing out the overall wow-factor of your picture. 

An option that never fails is to find a dark background close to a natural light source. Try turning off all the lights in a room and standing with your back against the window. Hold your hand at eye level and your hand will look like it’s in professional studio lighting—and you didn’t have to pay a penny!

Alternatively, find a rich and lush natural background to create a more atmospheric image. A hedge or flowerbed make a great backdrop, or if you’re lucky enough to be close to the coast, a seaside shot will always be stunning.


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Grab a prop and get comfy

The main concern we hear from people trying to photograph their own ring is that they’re worried their hand looks awkward, bulky, or down right creepy! Isn’t that the classic problem of having your picture taken anyways? What are you supposed to do with your hands?!

Make things easier by working with a prop. Hands were made for having things to hold, so try resting your hand on a textural cushion or soft blanket. Pulling up and holding the sleeves of your jumper is a classic awkward-hand fix.

Or add a sense of romance to the shot by reaching for your partner’s hand or resting your fingers on their arm. Happy hands make happy photos.


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Follow your instincts!

During your photoshoot, go big or go home. Take as many photos as your phone’s storage will allow and give yourself plenty of options to choose from. It’s always better to have too many choices rather than too few.

That being said, when it comes time to pick that perfect photograph, be discerning.

Take 1,000 photos and share one. Follow your guts and go with the photo that has real meaning to you and captures something special about your ring that no other photograph could.

And be sure to include your partner in the decision-making process. Odds are they played a role in designing or finding your ring in the first place, so they’ll probably have a poignant take on what makes it truly unique.

Have fun with it

While it’s impossible to fully capture something as dynamic and dazzling as an engagement ring in a single photograph, it always feels good to get a shot that makes your ring look (almost) as great in 2D as it does in real life.

And considering that this ring will become the most meaningful piece of jewellery you own, it deserves the full star treatment when it comes to your engagement ring selfie. Get out there, be bold, and happy photo-taking!

Wondering what diamond will look the best in photos? Check out our diamond cut comparison to learn the pros and cons of each.

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