Part of an eponymous family of jewellers, diamonds and design pulse through Patrick’s blood, as he continues to develop his craft as a jewellery design consultant.

Patrick was born in Belgium, raised in Lebanon and attended university in Montreal. After a stint in New York City studying at the GIA, Patrick is now a proud Londoner.

Part of an eponymous family of jewellers, diamonds and design are in his blood. He spent five years trading diamonds in Antwerp, the European diamond capital, and further honed his skills at a diamond polishing company in Surat, India.

Patrick will go to ends of the earth to develop his craft. Always curious and naturally creative, you can tell Patrick is always on the hunt to expand his horizons. Whether he’s learning languages (he currently speaks four!), DJ-ing late into the night, or launching a jewellery collection at a pop-up event–he lives life to its fullest.

Patrick Consultation
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My father is in the diamond trade industry. When I was a kid, I loved going to the office with him and seeing how everything worked. When I graduated from high school, I already knew that I wanted to create jewellery.


Quickfire Q&A

What is your favourite metal?

I like platinum as it is a strong metal that stays white forever. It doesn’t need much maintenance compared to 18K white gold. After all, an engagement ring should last a lifetime!

What is your favourite gemstone?

I like Paraiba tourmaline because it’s so rare. You can only find it in Brazilian region of Paraiba and it’s often more expensive than diamonds. There’s something about the colour that’s attractive, it’s really lively. Even my DJ name is Paraiba!

What is your favourite stone shape?

I love the hexagonal shape because of its geometrical nature and its uniqueness. I also like geometrical cuts like the lozenge, bullet cuts or trillion cuts. Jewellers often used them in the Art Deco period. I’d say my ideal design would come from this era but with a modern touch.

What are three words to describe your personal style?

Minimalist, unique and geometrical.

Sources Of Inspiration

Nikos Koulis | Geometric Jewelry

Nikos Koulis incorporates his educational background into his jewellery, leading his designs with artistic references to history and philosophy. Having studied gemology and jewellery design, Koulis launched his brand in 2006, with a signature style that combines Greek colours with western minimalism.

“Nikos Koulis is a Greek designer, he marries enamel rings with diamonds and he creates very unique designs. A specialist in fancy cut gemstones, each of his pieces are one of a kind, created for clients. He uses alternative materials and isn’t afraid of being experimental–for example he has patented a technique of making clear enamel”. – Patrick


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Ralph Masri | Statement Pieces

Ralph Masri’s designs reflect a global childhood, growing up in Lebanon, Canada and the UK. A pioneer in using mixed metals, his educational background at the prestigious Central St. Martins has informed his work and carved out a niche in the jewellery industry.

“The Lebanese artist Ralph Masri is an upcoming jewellery star. His designs are so interesting, and often have unique references. Masri’s obsession with architecture, shapes and coloured stones combined with historical references, such as the ancient phocaean alphabet, allow him to create well nuanced work, admired by audiences in the UK and abroad.” – Patrick

Art Deco

When Patrick begins the design process to create a bespoke engagement ring, he takes inspiration from specific time periods and artists. Enamoured by geometric shapes and angled lines, Patrick is particularly influenced by Art Deco. Art Deco was a movement in the 1920s and 30s of the decorative arts in western Europe and the United States and became the defining style of the time. In much contemporary jewellery, we can still see the iconic influence of Art Deco. Many of Patrick’s favourite artists carry strains of the movement within their work, from his favourite Greek designers, Nikos Koulis and Yannis Sergakis, to international designers like Shimell Madden and Ralph Masri.

“I love Art Deco because I’m a big fan of modern jewellery, with geometrical shapes and clear lines. Art Deco integrates colour and shape nicely. When I tend to design pieces myself, I’m often inspired by the time period and re-interpret the ideas in a contemporary way.” – Patrick

Patrick's Favourite Design

Every ring we craft tells a story. Each of our incredibly talented design consultants are tasked with weaving this story into a fully-realised design, subtly imparting their flair and skill along the way. While each ring is designed with the utmost care and thought, our design consultants do have their favourites…

Patrick’s favourite engagement ring design was a vibrant deep blue sapphire, surrounded by custom cut emeralds and diamonds, truly reflecting Patrick’s creativity and flair.

“I really liked this ring because the customer was very experimental–he was flexible and open to ideas. He was marrying a Jordanian woman and in their culture it’s important to have a ornate piece of jewellery.” – Patrick

Geometric engagement ring sketch

Patrick's favourite ring

With a wealth of experience and contextual knowledge, Patrick always creates a considered, thoughtfully-designed engagement ring. His immersion in the jewellery industry at such a young age guarantees his process is a relaxed and insightful experience.

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