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Diamond Price Match Policy

Diamonds make up a large part of the value of your ring or jewelry piece and for this reason, we want to ensure you purchase one at the best possible price.

Some of the diamonds listed on the website or in your quote may also be available elsewhere, online or in a store. While we do try to already offer you the best possible price, we’re also happy to do our best to accommodate any price differences through our Price Match Policy.

Simply let your consultant know the details of the diamond you’ve seen elsewhere, and we’ll do our best to honour the price listed by the other company. Price matching is only applicable to mined diamonds and may not always be possible if the other company is pricing their diamonds at below cost-price and does not apply to loose diamond sales.

For this reason, to ensure complete transparency on price-matching, our price match terms and conditions are outlined below:

main terms
  1. Please note that a diamond price match is limited to orders over $1,500 (ring and gem total) and does not apply to loose diamond sales.
  2. To verify the competing price, you must supply your consultant with a GIA number for the diamond and a link to the other website’s offer or a published price offer.
  3. If Taylor & Hart decides to match a price on a diamond listed elsewhere, we will honour the new price for 72 hours as cost prices regularly change in the diamond industry.
  4. A price match cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions.
  5. Only one diamond per customer is eligible for the Diamond Price Match Policy.
  6. Taylor & Hart reserves the right to verify all information regarding the competing offer and to refuse to offer a lower price. This would only occur if the company is unable to verify the competing price or if the competitor is listing the diamond at below the cost-price. If this happens we would recommend you purchase the diamond with the other company. You can still work with Taylor & Hart on the ring or jewelry piece using a diamond purchased elsewhere.
other terms
  1. If buying a ring too, then the diamond & ring must be purchased together at the same time and shipped together.
  2. Bank wire price matches must be paid by bank wire for the full value of the order (including the jewelry/ring).
  3. The Diamond Price Match Policy only applies before a purchase is made.
  4. The competing price must be available to any member of the public and cannot be a unique discount.
  5. The diamond listed elsewhere must be in stock and available for purchase at that price.
  6. The lower price must remain in effect at the time the order is placed. Prices change in the diamond industry and if it goes up on another website, it will go up on our site too.
  7. Expired offers are not eligible.
  8. Competing prices must be in the same currency.
  9. Diamond price match does not qualify for colored diamonds.
  10. The diamond listed elsewhere must have a GIA grading certificate dated within the last two years.
  11. The Taylor & Hart price is the price after any rebates, gift certificates, and promotional discounts have been applied to the item. Costs for comparable shipping and handling will be included in the price comparison.
  12. Special promotions on other websites such as rebates, gift certificates, bundled products and “buy one, get one” offers are not eligible for the Diamond Price Match Policy.
  13. Time-limited sales events (such as Black Friday, “early bird” or “door-buster” offers), offers advertized as limited in time or quantity, clearance, liquidation and going-out-of business sales, and loyalty program offers are ineligible for the Diamond Price Match Policy.
  14. The Diamond Price Match Policy does not apply where the other company or Taylor & Hart has made a pricing or typographical error on an item.
  15. Pawn shops and auction businesses (websites or brick and mortar stores) are ineligible for the Diamond Price Match Policy.
  16. The Diamond Price Match Policy only applies to purchases for personal use. The Diamond Price Match Policy does not apply to purchases for resale or commercial purposes.
  17. Taylor & Hart reserves the right to decide at our sole discretion, whether the diamond listed elsewhere is comparable.
  18. We reserve the right to: (1) deny requests, (2) modify these terms at any time, and (3) terminate the Diamond Price Match Policy at any time.

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