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The ten engagement ring designs that changed the game in 2022

A new era of engagement ring design is here.

Whilst we’re anything but one-size-fits-all when it comes to our custom portfolio of engagement rings, we simply can’t resist the fine-tuned details. That’s why we’ve collated this year’s diamond data to reveal the emerging trends of 2022…

This year saw an unprecedented uptick in all-things modern design, moving away from more traditional selections and opting for design elements from creative diamond placements, bold gemstones and east-west orientations, to hidden halos, marquise shaped diamonds and dainty bands. All signs are pointing towards the desire for designs that tell tales of modern love.

These design trends combine old school design approaches with contemporary styling. Gemstones, particularly sapphires, are having a moment right now. From purple, pink, peach, yellow and green to the current favourite cool teal tones, people are looking for a pop of colour on their hands, especially as accent side stones.

The East-West style adopts a classic silhouette, which is offset with a horizontally placed elongated stone across the band. This ninety degree rotation creates a modern personality to your ring that doesn’t stray too far from the conventional.

Hidden halos are the perfect way to feature a little design embellishment, only you’ll know about. When looking at your finger from above, you won’t see it, but from the side, a little collar of diamonds will feature around your basket.

We’ve seen platinum and 18ct yellow gold dominate metal choices, accounting for 85% of total engagement rings.

Kate Earlam-Charnley - Design Director

“We’ve also seen a huge increase in the rise of popularity for trilogies (also known as the three stone setting) in all their forms and particularly in yellow gold,” Kate added. “Dainty bands, lab-grown diamonds, and the marquise shape are also seeing a steady incline.”

It’s helpful to be aware of the emerging trends in engagement rings, but that doesn’t mean your decision should be solely based on popularity. After all, an engagement ring represents a beautifully unique union. Choose wisely by also considering the symbolic meaning and their personal style.

Here are the 10 most popular engagement ring styles of 2022

1. Cushion cut halo

Synonymous with Old Hollywood glamour, the cinematic Allure ring is characterised by a pillow-style, curved-cornered cushion diamond—a much-loved shape that’s attracted the spotlight for over two centuries. Perfect for those with magpie tendencies, it’s finished with a contemporary, and trending, diamond halo, available in a whole host of diamond shapes.

2. Oval trilogy

Much loved for its customisable options, the Affinity is an on-trend trilogy design that in it’s most popular form features an oval diamond centre and two pear-cut side diamonds. You could consider swapping the pear diamonds for symbolic gemstones or changing the oval diamond for a different shape.

3. Round twisted pavé

Destined for the artistic individual, the Cassia style nods to this year’s affinity for sculptural settings. The four-claw setting lifts the round-cut diamond into the light, offset by a celestial arrangement of small diamonds on the ring’s circumference, known as micro diamond pavé. You’ll also notice that the flat eternity band is twisted, a lovely characteristic that represents an intertwined existence. Go for a cushion or oval shape diamond if you’re looking for something a little unique.

4. Oval solitaire

The Demure set with an oval diamond is just the piece for the timeless minimalist. This style has an eagle claw setting that seamlessly frames a central oval diamond, creating an air of understated elegance. For a personalised touch that embraces their refined taste, you could engrave yours with a secret message that only the two of you know about. Or to switch things up, swap out the oval diamond for one of the other ten stone shapes available.

5. Oval pavé band

With a name that references “sweetness”, the elegant Dulcet is certainly one delicious design style. The most popular shape selection is with an oval centre that lends the illusion of an elongated finger, the diamond takes centre stage without overpowering the hand—perfect for those with a love of timeless simplicity.

6. Round solitaire

Loved by those who read classic literature and listen to vinyl records, the Eve ring belongs to the old-school romantic. A timeless design that features an on-trend dainty band, the central round solitaire diamond is brought to the light with the effortless ease of eagle claws.

7. Oval trilogy with colourful side stones

The Faith ring appears with an on-trend trilogy setting, representing your love’s past, present, and future. Featuring a centre oval diamond that’s bookmarked by two pear-shaped teal sapphires, this piece honours the life that’s built between a couple. With searches for “teal sapphires” on the rise by 50% in 2022, the Faith ring ticks all the trending boxes—all whilst remaining a timeless piece, too.

But it doesn’t stop at teal. Our Faith design is available with an entire array of colourful side stones as well as different centre diamond shapes. All that’s left is to find the gemstone that speaks to you.

8. Oval hidden halo with pavé band

The Thyme ring represents an otherworldly message that will bewitch the mystical mind. Inspired by Middle Ages folklore, a sprig of the namesake herb is said to promise a lifetime of devotion.

Creating a one-of-a-kind combination of two trending features (a dainty diamond pavé band with a hidden halo), it’s no wonder the Thyme ring shot up into the top ten most popular pieces after being added to our engagement ring collection in late 2021. Merging past mystery with modern-day magic, this style is in a league of its very own and is available in any of your favourite diamond shapes.

9. Oval with marquise accent stones

Inspired by the boundless beauty of the natural world, the free spirit gravitates towards the Tamora ring. Offering a twist on the trending trilogy setting, the most loved selection of this style has an oval diamond centre that’s flanked by blooming diamond petal clusters that appear in 2022’s much-loved marquise cut.

But the customisation doesn’t end there. The marquise diamond ‘petals’ can be swapped out for a full spectrum of dazzling hues.

10. Oval petite petal pavé

The Confetti ring is crafted with a star-studded approach. This style is best loved by the larger-than-life personality, with an oval centre that’s offset by a string of petite petal-set diamonds—ensuring all angles are enriched with light-capturing beauty.

With a series of dainty bands, unique settings, and the possibility to swap your diamonds for lab-grown ones, our contemporary engagement rings spotlight a unique approach to this year’s emerging trends.

But don’t forget that each piece is entirely customisable, so be sure to tweak your ring until it’s just right.

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