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“We knew it was special by the second date”

taylor and hart customer love story

We love helping couples design engagement rings that reflect their unique love story. One such couple is Marc and Juliette. We sat down with Marc to learn more about their story…

How did you and Juliette meet?

We’re both South African and we met here in London. Juliette’s from Cape Town and I’m from Durban so the chances of us meeting in South Africa would have been quite slim.

taylor and hart customer love story

On our second date, we got onto the conversation of marriage, which is very unusual at such an early stage of any relationship. It was then that I realised that this could be something really special.

taylor and hart customer love story

One of my favourite memories is when we went to the New Forest and spent a weekend away. ­Juliette loves animals, in particular, horses, so I surprised her by taking her to see the ponies.

She’s so full of life and energy. I love her laugh. It’s really contagious and it fills me with this good feeling. I can’t really describe it.

So how did you propose?

The interesting thing about this is that Jules has known since she was a child, what kind of ring she wanted. So we decided, “Let’s do this together, as a couple.” It was such a meaningful decision for both of us.

She has not stopped staring at it since and I catch her looking at it all the time.

Juliette’s ring was designed with our design consultant, Emma. The ring is a channel-set six-claw setting in platinum with a centre round brilliant diamond.

taylor and hart customer love story

Initially, I decided to propose over dinner with the ring my grandmother had given us, which was a beautiful ring from the 1920s.

Now that we’ve designed the ring she really wants, I’m going to do something special and take her away somewhere romantic.

Ours is not your textbook story. I think the key for us is that we were so unified through this whole process, it was another bonding experience because we were going on this journey together.

Thank you to Marc and Juliette for sharing your story with us. If you were inspired by Marc and Juliette’s story to design your own engagement ring, here’s how you can contact us.

taylor and hart customer love story

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