A bespoke ring to celebrate the 2016 Olympic Games

rio olympics 2016 ring

To celebrate this year’s Rio Olympics, we were inspired to create a ring as colourful and vibrant as the country that will host the 2016 Olympic Games. With a record number of countries participating in a record number of sports, our ring design needed to match the enormity of these iconic games.

Inspired by the host country’s colourful culture, vibrant gemstones, and breathtaking landscape, we created this Paraiba tourmaline ring, adorned with a reverse-set diamond halo and a surrounding cluster of faceted and cabochon emeralds, blue sapphires and green amethysts. We chose the Paraiba tourmaline because they are mined only from the Brazilian state of Paraiba. To put the rarity of this gemstone into perspective, there is one Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline mined for every 10,000 diamonds.

A relatively newly discovered gemstone, the neon-bright Paraiba tourmaline is synonymous with Brazil and it’s popularity reflects the elevation of Brazil’s position on the world’s stage. The reverse-set white diamonds are representative of the mountainous regions of Brazil. The green emeralds and amethysts are symbolic of the lush green rainforest while the Paraiba tourmaline and the various shades of blue sapphires resemble the deep blue tones of the ocean.

The band features five pavé-set circular cut-outs, alluding to the traditional Olympic Games rings symbol, consisting of five intertwined rings that represent the unity of the five inhabited continents of the world.

With this ring, we hope to inspire sports fans across the globe to celebrate the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympic Games and the unique beauty and vibrancy of the host country.


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