Rare Pink has rebranded as Taylor & Hart

Founders of Taylor & Hart Nikolay and David

When we started Rare Pink three years ago, we wanted to create a brand that would be different. We’d seen a 100 year old industry move slowly and fail to evolve, too comfortable and set in its ways, while we believed customers wanted so much more.

We know our customers want more control over their design and that they love the value that online shopping delivers. They care about transparency and ethical sourcing, as they do for the quality and craftsmanship of their ring.

Through our passion to create a new kind of jewellery business, we looked for a symbol that would become our brand ambassador and would proudly carry these values. The pink gemstone became that symbol, set on the inside of every band, and Rare Pink became our brand.

pave set engagement ring and wedding band

The symbol of Rare Pink

As we grew we realised that whilst some customers came to us looking for a custom ring, many came without knowing it was possible to have this experience. Bespoke was not something that they saw as accessible or even possible. We wanted to change that.

In our industry many jewellers offer custom design, but few offer ‘custom’ as their core service. None is widely known as being a specialist in custom design. We want to become that brand and to be the best at custom-made, and in fact, to offer the best engagement ring shopping experience. I believe we’re already half-way there, and our Net Promoter Score of 85 is a reflection of this.

To really deliver on this promise, we realised that the brand “Rare Pink” – while loved by many of our customers – was not able to communicate clearly enough what we’re all about.

In particular, we wanted to say:

“We’re proud of our British heritage. Each ring being uniquely designed, hallmarked and hand-finished in London.”

“We specialise in custom-made. Our bespoke service is second to none.”

“Each ring we design for our customers carries a special story and meaning that is unique only to them and that this is something that is now accessible to you.”

During our time in Boston, as part of the Techstars business accelerator, our team worked with brand experts and mentors to come up with a new name and brand strategy and it was there that we decided to rebrand to Taylor & Hart.

Techstars Taylor & Hart

We spent 3 months in Boston as part of the Techstars accelerator

To create a brand that captures our British heritage whilst still retaining a playful modern feel, we chose Taylor – a well known British surname.

Through Taylor we pay a subtle tribute to London’s world famous Savile Row tailors, thus choosing the perfect metaphor for the bespoke service we offer our customers.

Most of our customers are men, but surprisingly over 75% say they collaborated on this purchase decision with their partner. Their collaboration ranges from subtle hints or a nudge from a friend or family member, to the couple coming in for a consultation at the showroom and designing their ring together.

This collaboration is something we wanted to celebrate. So the ampersand (&) symbolises the personal connection our customers share as they design their ring and plan their lives, together.

Our customers often put special meaning into their ring design, inspired by something that only the two of them share. Hearing all of these unique stories inspired us to choose another popular British surname, Hart, which we believe expresses the romance and love felt in every engagement we enable.

The pink gemstone will evolve into a ruby, set on the inside of every band.

It is through this gemstone being set inside the band that we will keep the legacy of Rare Pink with us as we grow, always remembering where we started and why we’re doing what we do.

Though the name changes, our core values remain the same.

We hope you like our new brand name and positioning, and we would be delighted to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have.

All Rare Pink customers will still be able to purchase any ring or diamond seen on RarePink.com, as well as all our new designs on Taylor & Hart.

Please e-mail: [email protected] if you have any questions or feedback.

The new T&H packaging


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