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Ring ideas brought to life – Jenna’s bespoke design

hexagon amethyst cocktail ring

An object that is one of a kind always carries a unique sentimentality. A piece of art is rarely repeated by the artist, as art is created to express a certain emotion, thought and time. With bespoke jewellery, the intention is the same–to create something unique that expresses something about us. With a bespoke jewellery piece, we can commemorate our loved ones, stories and moments into a forever lasting object.

Around 10 years ago, Jenna, our Production Manager, was gifted a hexagonal shape amethyst by one of her close friends. Holding onto it for all that time, Jenna turned her amethyst into a cocktail ring in 2019. Below, Jenna tells us the story of her bespoke commission.

I chose my amethyst in Singapore, it was given to me for my birthday from my best friend Rachel in 2009 when we went on my first trip overseas.

As someone who works in jewellery production, I was notorious for not making any jewellery for myself, so Rachel gave me 12 months to make it into something. Time slipped by and the 12 month deadline kept on being renewed, until she gave up on me.

I finally designed my ring for the amethyst in 2018. During this time, Rachel came to visit me in London. I showed her the drawings, and she wasn’t as excited as I wanted her to be, as I think she thought I would not make it.

The finished ring is 14ct white and rose gold, geometric in shape to mimic the faceting and shape of the hexagonal stone. I wanted the shape to be replicated and definitive which is why I chose to have the milgrain added, as the border was not as sharp as I wanted. It probably would have hurt me if it was. For the shank I was inspired by a ‘tulip’ shaped ring I had seen before.

jenna ring inspiration

To help reduce costs, I used two small diamonds to create the pear shape, so I would not have to purchase a larger pear shaped diamond.


hexagon amethyst cocktail ring

In 2019 me and Rachel met up in Hawaii on a holiday. This time, I made sure I had the ring made and took it with me to show her. She loved it! She said ‘took you bloody long enough!’

It is my favourite cocktail ring.

Thank you Jenna for sharing your bespoke ring process journey! To find out more information about custom rings, or rose gold rings, take a look through our Instagram.


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