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“I got down on one knee and I kind of blacked out really”

romantic proposal

Read the story of Matthew and Emily, high school sweethearts who came together for an emotional marriage proposal. The couple shares the story of their love and how their custom engagement ring is a reflection of their love story.

How did you both meet?

Matthew: We met while we were still kids at school…

Emily: I kind of had a crush on him. We used to hang out a lot, given we were both from the same Chinese community. We dated during high school after we met at a cookout gathering. Adorably cute, we talked for the first time on the dock floating in the lake. 

Unfortunately, we decided to split up when we both headed off for college and started working on our careers. Over the years, we talked about once a year, just when he came home for the holidays. We always wanted to try again, but it never worked out, I was always still too scared to.

Then seven years later, he called me…

Matt: Ha! I remember you calling me… it was over Chinese New Years.

Emily: Seven years passed and it was as if we were never apart. We changed for the good, we made ourselves better for each other. And we were stronger. Yeah, so we met up and before you know it, we had planned a trip to Aruba.

love story proposal

What was the moment you knew Emily was the one?

Matt: I think in a way, I always knew she was the one.

Emily: Yeah, during the time we were apart, I remember talking with my mom about dating and she was asking me how things were going and I remember saying to her, of all the guys I knew, the only person I could imagine marrying was Matt.

What is it about each other that makes you smile?

Matt: I love how easy it is to be with each other. Emily is kind of goofy and makes me laugh, we make each other laugh all the time actually.

Emily: His uncanniness to constantly make me smile and laugh, that is what I treasure about him. Sometimes you get a minute to stop and think about where you are. That’s when it hits you, to be fortunate in this life to find your other half. Never will I meet a kinder human and with more patience than I will ever achieve. It’s a feeling you can’t explain.


matt and emily love story married

What inspired your design?

Speaking to Kate, Matthew’s design consultant, she explains that Matthew had found a few rings on the internet, but none of them were exactly what he was looking for.

So, together they began to combine several different designs he’d seen online, changing gemstone sizes and ensuring that the centre diamond was a radiant cut.

In the end, the final ring design had taken elements from several rings Matthew had seen whilst browsing, beautifully merged into a truly one-of-a-kind ring for Emily.

custom radiant cut diamond engagement ring
custom design sketches
customer custom ring

How did you propose?

Matt: I was flying back home and Emily didn’t know I had a ring. She met me at the airfield when we landed, I got down on one knee and I kind of blacked out really – it was quite emotional.

proposal with custom ring

How do you and your partner feel about the finished ring?

Emily: I love it. I would not have imagined a design like this myself, it is so unique. But what makes it really special is knowing that Matt took the time to plan and design it for me.

What are the dreams you share together for the future?

Emily: We’re in Germany at the moment, as Matt is here for his work. We are apart a lot, but it allows us to appreciate each other so much more and makes us stronger for each other.

I really like how we find a way to help each other follow our dreams, no matter where they may take us.

Matt & Emily beat the odds and came full circle. In less than a year, the couple rekindled their romance, planned a wedding, got married and moved across the world. May their adventure continue to bring them everlasting happiness…

matt and emily love story married

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